How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

By Stylist on 18 November 20

There are many things that you could do to make sure you keep your hair healthy. When it comes to washing your hair, less is more. Washing your hair too frequently could damage your hair by stripping it from natural oils that are important to keeping your hair healthy. You also have to make sure you use the proper conditioner after shampooing your hair. All of the experts agree: Avoiding the salon is counterproductive to growing out your hair. Regular haircuts ensure minimal split ends or breakage. We recommend a trim every six to eight weeks.

We also forget that our hair need rest as well. Use the weekend to let your hair recuperate. If possible, let your hair air-dry, avoid heated styling products, and keep it out of a ponytail or tight headband to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft. In other words, sometimes you just have to let your hair chill a little.

Try to maintain a healthy diet. Yes, your diet affects every aspect of your life, and your hair is not excluded from the list. Protein is the energy source your hair needs in order to thrive. Other things to have in mind, are not touching your hair or playing with it, and avoid overbrushing. Twirling your hair or picking at split ends isn’t good either—to play it safe, do your best to leave your hair alone. And lastly, change your product with weather. While the idea that your hair can build up “resistance” to products is a myth, it is true that certain hair products are better for different seasons. In the winter, your products should be moisturizing and hydrating, but in the summer, you can probably switch to something lighter that won’t weigh hair down in the heat and humidity.

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