Temporary Hair Dyes

Temporary Hair Dyes

By Stylist on 18 November 20

It’s always a good idea to test a small amount on an are like behind your ear, to make sure you have no allergic reaction to the hair dye. It’s always a good idea to shampoo your hair before applying the hair dye. You should also apply petroleum jelly to your hair line to avoid staining your skin. If you want to color certain areas of your hair you can apply conditioner to areas where you don’t want the color to act a “color blocker”. If you want to apply multiple colors, you can use foil to separate different areas. You should then cover and let the color sit in for 30 minutes. You should then wash your hair with cool water, away from your face and body.

Other things to have in mind is the lighter your hair color, the more dye will penetrate. If you’re a brunette, use the product freely. But be more careful as a blond and keep the color off the scalp. To remove hair dyes the lighter your hair color is, the more shampoos you need to remove the hair dye. You can use a clarifying shampoo to remove any dirt and product buildup. For darker hair, if you really want to see color pop, apply a white base first and then spray your hair color over that. This will help you achieve a more vibrant hair color.


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